Jersey Shore Aquarium Society

Annual Spring 2023 Tropical Fish and Dry Goods Auction!

Featuring rare and exotic tropical fish, a wide selection of aquatic plants. Snacks and refreshments will be available.

Open to public – free admission

  • To be held on Sunday, March 19th, 2023 at the South Wall Fire Rescue Company at 2605 Atlantic Ave. in Manasquan, NJ.
  • Online registration is now closed
  • Auction day registration: 9 to 11 a.m.
  • No guarantee that items registered after 11 a.m. will be auctioned.
  • Viewing of items: 11 a.m. – 12 noon
  • Auction starts at noon sharp!
  • Any person may bring quality live fish and aquatic plants to enter into auction.
  • 60/40 split when preregistered by March 18th 4:00p.m. or 50/50 split when registered at the auction.
  • There is a limit of 10 used dry goods per person. Once that limit is reached all additional forms will be rejected
  • Check what you have registered
  • Click here for Auction rules
  • How to bag fish
  • For more information, e-mail

List of Preregistered Items

*8inch Tiger Oscars
1 pair half black red guppies
1pair metallic blue wag platies
1pair red wag hi-fin cauliflower swordtails
2 pairs - Rosy Barbs
2 super red plecos
20 gal tank & metal stand
20 gallon turtle tank complete light top and filte
29 gallon tank
3 Female melanotaenia herbertaxelrodi
4 in Dicus
4 in Dicus
40 gal tank with glass top (breeder)
5 gal. bucket cichlid rocks & caves
55 gallon tank
6 Blue Rili Shrimp
6 cans of bloodworms
6 Carbon Shrimp
Advantage UV sterilizer 15w unit HOB
African Cichlid Substrate
Albino Bristle Nose Trio adults
Albino Kribensis
Albino plecos
Amazonas magazines
Ameca Splendens
Ancistrus Hoplogenys - Male L059
Anubias Barteri
Anubias Nana - Small
Aquarium grown Pothos
Asolene spixi snails (NEC BPP)
assorted African Cichlids
Bag of Mixed Corydoras
Black Knight Ram
Black knight ram adult
Black knight ram suspected pair
black lyretail molly
Black Mollies
Black Neon
Black swordtail
Black swordtails from albino mother
Bladderworst carnivorous plant clump
Blue Body Paradise Fish Mixed sex
Blue Faced San Merah Discus
breeding pair apistogramma trifasciata /A. Cacatuo
Breeding Pair German blue rams
Butterfly Pleco
Calico Bristlenose Pleco (adult male)
Chestnut Mystery Snails
Clay pleco cave
Clea helena Assassin snails (NEC BPP)
Clown Loach
Coffeefolia Pot Anubias barteri coffeefolia
Convict Cichlids
Cork Bark
Corydoras Gossei - juvies
Cryptocoryne wendetii
Current USA eFlux DC return pump 1900gph
Danakilia shokuray fry (NEC BPP)
Dwarf Gourami
Dwarf hair grass
Dwarf Water Lettuce
Endlers laguna delos patos percilia wingei
Female Rosetail Butterfly Betta
Fire red cherry shrimp
Fundulopanchax gardneri
Gambusia sp.
Giant Ramshorn snails Marisa cornuartietis NEC BPP
Glass belly guppies (NEC BPP)
Gold Mystery Snail
green guppies
Green swordtail
half-black blue guppies
half-black pastel guppies
Heater 50 Wats
Heterandria formosa mixed sex
Hoplosternum sp. catfish
House Plant
Hypancistrus Contradens - juvies
Hypancistrus sp. L333 - juvies
Hyphessobrycon columbiaris Red Blue tetra
Java Fern (NEC BPP)
Java Moss
Java Moss (NEC BPP)
Java Moss with Riccia
Jungle Val
juv. platies, mixed colors (NEC BPP)
Juvie 1/2 blk. yellow guppies
Kamoer X1 dosing pump
Kohaku Swordtail
Krobia xinguensis
Kuhli Loach
L397 Alenquer pleco
Lamprologus tigripictilis juv. (NEC BPP)
Large Anubias Barteri
Large Driftwood
Large Goldfish
LDA074 Ancistrus macrophthalmus Medusa pleco (BPP)
LDA074Blue Medusa
Long fin calico bushynose pleco (NEC BPP)
Long fin tiger barbs
Long-finned Leopard Danios
Malaysian Driftwood
Male 1/2 blk. yellow guppies
Male Black Orchil Betta
Mated pair of guianacara sphenozona
Mature Grindal Worm Culture
Mature Vinegar Eel Culture
Maxspect XF230 gyre pumps with controller
Medium size Holey Rock 3 pieces
mixed platies
Nana Petite Anubias barteri var nana Petite
Narrow Leaf Nana Anubias barteri nana
Nerite Snails
new Mainland heater 150w
Orange Lyretail guppies (NEC BPP)
Orange medaka
Pair Black Cobra Guppies
Pair Chocolate Australe
Pair Half Black Guppies
Pair Japanese Blue Guppies
Pair limia perugiae
Pair poecilia wingei - Black Bar Endlers
Panaqolus Albivermis - Male L204
Peckoltia Compta - Male L134
Penang Eruption Discus
Pineapple platies
Platinum Amatitlania nigrofasciata (NEC BPP)
Pseuda. Leopardus 2 mos. - L600
Red dragon guppies
Red dragon guppies
Red Lobster adult
Red marble angelfish
Red Root Floaters
Red swordtails from albino mother
Red Wag Platy
Retrospiralis MD
Rhinogobius davidi
Rhinogobius rubromaculatus
Riccia fluitans
Rocio spinosissima juv.
Salvinia Water spangles (NEC BPP)
Santa Maria endlers rev trio
Schubel x Kwartler green guppies
Sicce Submersible Heater 150W
Super red bristlenose pleco
Tiger Frogbit
Umbrella palm plant
Water Sprite (NEC BPP)
White cloud
Xenotoca doadrioi